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Anti- Violence Walk

Ron joined almost one thousand people on Good Friday for the Anti-Violence Walk through Englewood in memory of those who have lost their lives to gun violence. Lusak and Cobb is dedicated to Cardinal Cupich’s initiative to stand up for those most effected in our at risk neighborhoods. As a Board Member of Catholic Charities of Chicago, Ron believes that our most vulnerable need our protection and support, especially, our children and elderly.
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What to do if you are injured on the job?

1. Report your injury right away This will start the benefits process and also satisfy the 45-day notice requirement in Illinois. 2. See a doctor Your health and your injury are the most important. 100% of your medical expenses are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance (if the injury is related to your work). Getting treatment right away will help to establish your injury happened at work. 3. Hire an Attorney This is very important. Call us today at Lusak and Cobb to receive a FREE case evaluation. 312-726-6788. Our experience with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has allowed us to
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