1. After an injury at work when should I consult a lawyer?

    It is important to contact an attorney concentrating in Workers Compensation as soon as possible after an injury at work. Insurance companies use the first contacts in your case to gather information that can potentially result in the denial of your claim. The lawyers at Lusak and Cobb can best guide you.

  2. Am I entitled to receive pay while I am off of work?

    If a physician authorizes you to be off work or gives you physical restrictions which your employer will not accommodate you are entitled to either full salary or temporary total disability payments. Often, Insurance companies will slow or deny your rights to pay in order to force you back to work before you are physically able. Let us protect your financial security and contact us today.

  3. Do I have to go to the company doctor?

    An injured worker is free to choose his own doctor. Often an employer or their representative will say you must receive your medical treatment from the company clinic. You are entitled to choose your own doctor, hospital, physical therapist and pharmacy. The company must pay for your choice even if you do not have employer health insurance.

  4. If I cannot afford to hire an attorney, how will I pay for the representation?

    At Lusak and Cobb your legal fee for a Workers Compensation Claim will only be paid out of money that we get for you. NO fee is paid up front.

  5. If I am being paid lost time benefits and my medical is covered why would I contact an attorney?

    It is always wise to contact an attorney even if other benefits are being paid. You are likely entitled to a permanency award which is a cash payment at the end of your case. If you are told by a representative of your employer that the amount that you will receive at the end of your case is already set by law, this is false. Please contact an attorney at Lusak and Cobb to discuss how your case is evaluated in your best interest.

  6. I have applied for Social Security Disability, do I need an attorney?

    The Social Security Administration rules for granting disability are very complex. The claimant greatly benefits from the services of an attorney experienced with Social Security Disability hearings.

  7. How do I pay for a Social Security attorney?

    An attorney representing someone before the Social Security Administration is only paid when a recovery is made. The amount of the fee must be within the strict guidelines of the Social Security Administration.

  8. If I have been in an accident how can you help me?

    At Lusak and Cobb, we will work with you to gather the necessary documentation. We will consult with our experienced medical experts to ensure that your injuries are properly evaluated and treated. We look forward to serving you.